The Prince Edward Chiropractic Association (PEICA) Council recognizes that concerns are being raised regarding the evolving COVID-19 public health threat from members and their patients. The PEICA is committed to providing members and the public regular updates and directives as follows:


  • As of 8 March, all individuals that have been travelling internationally should self-isolate for 14 days. This directive applies to chiropractors and staff.
  • Members are encouraged to triage patients and suspend all non-essential services (except emergency/acute care). Suggestions include:
  • Reschedule any patients who returned from international travel since March 8, 2020.
  • Reschedule any patients who are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms. Patients should be informed to monitor symptoms (e.g. headache, congestion, achiness, feeling unwell) and call tele-health (8-1-1) when symptoms worsen to include fever, coughing and difficulty breathing. If in doubt, call 8-1-1. 
  • Patients should be triaged based on risk factors and conditions. For example, consider rescheduling patients who are immuno-compromised or over the age of 70. In addition, the urgency of care should be evaluated.
  • Cancellation fees should be waved until further notice.
  • Members should be taking extra measures to clean equipment and surfaces to reduce the potential for cross-contamination. In addition, members and staff should wash hands frequently.
  • Measures should be taken to limit wait time for patients before and after visits. This can include spacing out visits, or optimizing technology like texting patients when available.
  • Treatments should be provided in dedicated treatment space with 1 table. Open common spaces like gyms or others should be avoided.

Exposure to COVID-19:

  • Chiropractors have a duty to report any suspected case of COVID-19 to the office of the Chief Public Officer.
  • Any suspected case should call 8-1-1 immediately for further instructions.
  • Following exposure, members and staff should self-isolate for 14 days and monitor symptoms. The clinic should also be thoroughly cleaned with industrial grade cleaner prior to re-opening of the facilities.


  • Members should avoid making any unsubstantiated claims concerning the role of chiropractic care in preventing or managing COVID-19, or related viral infections. The PEICA will be monitoring social media and online content to ensure compliance with advertising standards. Failure to comply may lead to a complaint.


  • Patients should report any flu-like symptoms in advance of a visit.
  • Patients should wash their hands before and after each visit.
  • Patients should try to be punctual to avoid unnecessary waiting, or potential cross-contamination.