#LoveYourSpine: Chiropractic Care and You

Date:  October 15, 2018


#LoveYourSpine: Chiropractic Care and You

Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians experience moderate to severe chronic pain? Or that low back pain, headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain are a leading cause?

If you are a Canadian experiencing pain, or you want to take preventative measures, we have the tool for you!

World Spine Day

World Spine Day is an annual event every October 16th. This year’s theme #LoveYourSpine highlights the importance of spinal health and well-being.

Taking place on October 16 each year, World Spine Day has become a focus in raising awareness of back pain and other spinal issues. With health professionals, exercise and rehabilitation experts, public health advocates, schoolchildren and patients all taking part, #LoveYourSpine will be celebrated on every continent.

FREE #LoveYourSpine Guide

In the spirit of helping you love YOUR spine, download the FREE #LoveYourSpine care guide!

In our free #LoveYourSpine guide, you’ll find: 

  • Pain Management Information
  • Workout Tips
  • Patient Stories
  • Office Tips
  • Information on Chiropractic Care
  • And much, much more!

Chiropractic care and you

Chiropractic care is for everyone. Spine, muscle and nervous system conditions affect your well-being, mobility, work, daily activities, relationships and mental health. They are also the second leading cause of disability worldwide.

And if you’re experiencing pain, there’s something you should know. Ninety per cent of Canadians who have used a chiropractor to help with their muscle and/or joint pain said it was helpful. Chiropractic care is available under many extended health benefits programs. Talk to your employer for details of your coverage.

“My chiropractor was willing to investigate, examine, and look into solutions to the issues that I was facing with my back. After some appointments and specific areas of pain addressed with detail, I slowly started to feel better. Finally, I looked forward to going to my appointments and tracking my weekly progress—no longer feeling like there would be no solution to my pain.” – Emily

You can start managing your pain today by downloading your FREE #LoveYourSpine guide.

Pain changes everything. Chiropractic care changes pain.