CCA congratulates RCCSS 2020 award winners

Date:  November 16, 2020


CCA congratulates RCCSS 2020 award winners

CCA congratulates RCCSS 2020 award winners

The CCA is proud to partner with organizations leading the charge to inform evidence-based care for Canadians. This year’s RCCSS winners are leading innovative research and knowledge to advance the profession and ensure chiropractic patients can live healthy, active lives. Read more about each project below.

Dr. Melissa Belchos –An international Delphi study to identify sports chiropractic global research priorities

Sheryn Posen Research Funding Grant Award

Sheryn Posen Research Funding Grant Award

To date, there is no research agenda published for the sports chiropractic field from any country in the world. Research agendas have been developed for the chiropractic profession; however, they have not addressed the specific research needs of sports chiropractors. Dr. Belchos and her team will determine the added value of a 3D-MOT protocol in adults to establish concussion diagnosis and recovery. They will recruit 200 athletes in pre-season to complete an initial concussion assessment (ImPACT, VOMS, reaction time, self-efficacy questionnaire) and a 3D-MOT session. Following a concussion, injured athletes will be evaluated during five additional 3D-MOT sessions after which the initial assessment will be repeated. As a comparison, a healthy control group from the same population will follow the same process.

Dr. Alexandre Deschamps – Perceptual-cognitive capacity as a determinant of clinical recovery in athletes’ post-concussion

Dr. Alexandre Deschamps - Dr. John De Finney Research Funding Grant

Dr. John De Finney Research Funding Grant

Current chiropractic research agendas have not included sports-specific research directives and expert panels have had limited sports chiropractic input. Dr. Deschamp’s study will produce the first international research agenda for sports chiropractors to advance evidence informed management of athletes. He and his team aim to determine consensus on research priorities and create a global sports chiropractic research agenda. They will use a Delphi study design, a systematic method to integrate expert opinions, to determine consensus on sports chiropractic research priorities. Clinicians, academics and leaders from the sports chiropractic field will be recruited internationally using a purposive sampling method. Participants will contribute as follows: Step #1, a Delphi procedure to determine consensus on research directives; and Step #2, a priority importance ranking survey of the items that reached consensus. All surveys will be conducted using Delphi Manager (Comet Initiative, Liverpool, UK), and research directives in the Delphi procedure will be ranked using a 9-point Likert scale. An a priori consensus level will be set at 75% and a maximum of three Delphi rounds will be conducted.

Dr. Arif Karmali – The efficacy of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization for musculoskeletal pain: a systematic review; Knowledge and attitudes toward concussion among elite Canadian junior ice hockey players: an exploratory study

Dr. Arif Karmali - Jamie Laws Academic Achievement Award

Jamie Laws Academic Achievement Award

Dr. Karmali’s first project looked at the efficacy of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) to treat myofascial ailments in active and athletic patients. His team standardized how pain is measured with IASTM, looking at within-group differences to provide information about IASTM’s effect rather than comparing between groups. His team’s appraisal of five randomized controlled trials and one controlled trial revealed that IASTM does appear to improve pain intensity.

Dr. Karmali’s second project aims to provide insight into how elite hockey players respond and react to concussion. They will use a validated instrument, the Rosenbaum Concussion Knowledge and Attitudes survey, with elite Canadian junior ice hockey players. A better understanding of athletes’ thoughts about concussion will aid in development and delivery of educational programs for minor, major, amateur and professional sport organizations globally.

Dr. Orion Katayama – Is there an association between measurements of passive hip rotation range of motion in young active participants in three different postures?

Dr. Orion Katayama – Research Funding Grant

Research Funding Grant

To Dr. Katayama’s knowledge there have been no studies that evaluate participants for consistency among all three positions (supine, prone, seated) for hip rotation range of motion. The objective of this study is to determine if there is an association with passive hip rotation range of motion obtained from different positions of assessment. Dr. Katayama and his team will recruit 96 young and active participants and measurements of passive hip rotation range of motion will be obtained from each participant in each of the 3 positions in a single session. Six Pearson correlations between pairs of measurements (dominant leg supine vs. dominant leg prone, non-dominant leg supine vs. non-dominant leg prone, etc.) will be performed to assess for systematic differences between positions.

Dr. Dale Macdonald – Award of Excellence – Fellow Category

Dr. Dale Macdonald – Award of Excellence

As an avid fan of motocross, Dr. Macdonald dedicates his time and passion in working with athletes on the Canadian Professional Motocross National Championship Series.  With over a decade of working at multi-sport and professional events, Dr. Macdonald is recognized as leader in sports chiropractic, being described as exceptional and innovative.   He continues to push the ceiling in the way that sports chiropractors is perceived, including regularly being hired as head medical lead at professional action sporting events in Alberta and Canada.

With his tireless work within our sport chiropractic community, Dr. Macdonald is this year’s Award of Excellence winner for the RCCSS(C) in the Fellow Category.

Dr. Trevor Vander Doelen – Non-surgical treatment of patellar tendinopathy: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials , Conservative management of Morel-Lavallée lesion: a case study

Dr. Trevor Vander Doelen - Outstanding Paper Award

Outstanding Paper Award

Dr. Vander Doelen’s first paper aimed to determine the most effective non-surgical treatment to reduce pain and improve function for patients with patellar tendinopathy, a common injury in jumping and running athletes. He found that isometric exercise, patellar strapping, sports taping, eccentric exercise, injections with PRP, ABI and saline and DN demonstrated short-term pain relief and functional improvement. Longer term follow-up interventions involving eccentric exercise, DN and injections with PRP, ABI and saline showed sustained pain reduction and improvement in knee function. Dr. Vander Doelen hopes this paper will serve as a potential resource for determining future research in this field of study.

Dr. Vander Doelen’s objective in his second paper was to illustrate conservative clinical management of a Morel- Lavallée lesion (an intramuscular degloving-type traumatic injury) in sports settings. In the case study, the patient was co-managed by a sports medicine physician and a chiropractor with a combination of percutaneous aspiration, dry needling, soft tissue therapy extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) and corrective exercise. The patient experienced improved function throughout chiropractic care, with almost complete resolution achieved at 18 weeks after injury and maintained at 35 weeks after injury. Given there are no previous reports of conservative management for this condition, Dr. Vander Doelen hopes this paper may serve as a guideline for future conservative management of this injury, and lead to more research.

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