3 Ways to Invest in Yourself This Mother’s Day

Date:  May 10, 2017


3 Ways to Invest in Yourself This Mother’s Day

We all recognize the important work that moms do. When so much responsibility rests on your shoulders, it’s important to take time for self-care and self-investment, and what better day to do that than on Mother’s Day.

Investing in yourself is an opportunity to devote time to things that support your needs (like getting an extra hour of sleep) or strengths (like buying new art supplies or taking a painting class if that’s a skill you have and would like to improve).

Moms: taking the time to prioritize yourself and nurture things that are important to you is something worth doing every day, but if there’s one holiday where it’s the most important to take it to heart it’s Mother’s Day.

Here are some examples of ways you can develop your skills, explore your creative side, and nourish your body both mentally and physically: 

  1. Hone skills that you don’t get to use every day: If you want to learn more about a topic you’re passionate about or explore a hobby, take a class or join a group to help you cultivate it. That could mean signing up for advanced degrees, listening to podcasts, taking a woodworking class, or absorbing a new documentary.
  1. Explore the creative things that motivate you: Creativity doesn’t have to be limited to fine arts—painting or drawing, for example—it can extend to include things like knitting, cooking, gardening, playing musical instruments, metalwork, or solving brain teasers. You can also pick up a book you’ve been dying to read or go to an art gallery or museum to soak in some culture. 
  1. Treat your mind and body with care: Both mental and physical health are an important part of investing in yourself. Mental health activities don’t have to be limited to meditation, just as physical health doesn’t have to be limited to yoga or walks in the park. What activities you choose are up to you! Take a day trip to someplace that relaxes you and eat or drink something you enjoy. Play board games with friends or family. Cycle around the neighbourhood or along a bike trail if it moves you. Jog, walk, or hike. The important thing is you’re treating your mind and your body with the care that is right for you.

The most important thing is that whatever you choose to do (or not to do) is a choice that invests in your needs and wants, and nobody else’s. Having a “do nothing” day might be just what you need too.

If you need any guidance on physical activities that are right for your body’s needs, feel free to ask your family chiropractor.