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Straighten Up Canada


How much time do you spend being sedentary? Tasks that require prolonged sitting such as working at the computer, reading and driving can take a toll on your back. Did you know that MSK conditions cause one-third of workplace absenteeism in Canada?

Straighten Up and improve your MSK health!

Straighten up Canada is a free, user-friendly exercise program designed by Canadian chiropractors to target and improve your posture.

Good posture can help with:

  • Looking better and feeling more energized
  • Mitigating joint wear and tear
  • Having a more flexible spine
  • Preventing aches and pains

The App features:

  • 12 posture exercises
  • Includes videos for both adults and youth
  • Tracks progress that can be shared via social media
  • Find a chiropractor search function
  • Access to informative blogs published by CCA

Watch the Straighten Up Canada exercise videos online

 For Adult  |  For Youth

The development of this app has been supported by the CCA and all provincial associations.

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